What to Expect after your Chiropractic Adjustments in Boca Raton FL

Chiropractic Boca Raton FL Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments in Boca Raton FL stimulate the nervous system, lymphatic system, and circulatory system during repositioning of musculoskeletal joints. Adjustments primarily involve the spine and other joints, however, it also involves the muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the joints that are being manipulated.

Overall, chiropractic care results in most patients experiencing feelings of lightness, euphoria, increased range of motion, and decrease of any preexisting pain or discomfort. Over time, with consistency, your chiropractic care has the potential to improve organ function, digestion, assimilation of nutrients, and sleep patterns, and prevent further injury through proper alignment. The important thing is that you pay attention to all the changes occurring in your body, subtle or dynamic, in response to your chiropractic care. Recognize how these changes affect your movement, overall energy, moods, sleep patterns, digestion, and overall well-being.

Following chiropractic adjustments capillaries will dilate, increasing blood flow to tissues. Muscles surrounding the joints being manipulated may reengage properly after long phases of chronic injury or misalignment. This re-engagement may result in delayed symptoms of muscle soreness as a result of those muscles adapting to these injury patterns over long periods of time, then having to relearn proper strength patterns and work harder for proper alignment and posture. This process gives muscles a simulated “workout”, just like going to the gym. Soreness may seem similar to the symptoms felt of “second-day-soreness” after working out. Adequate water, ice, movement, and stretching can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the nervous system, which increases lymphatic flow, resulting in natural detoxification efforts of the organs. This natural response by the body may also bring on muscle soreness, joint aching, or headaches in the following hours to days after your adjustments as a result of your body flushing out toxins from increased circulation of lymph and blood. Symptoms experienced depend on the overall health of your body and should be recognized and discussed with your chiropractic physician.

Following your chiropractic adjustments in Boca Raton FL

It is important to drink plenty of water and use ice and heat as needed or for prophylaxis. Water is necessary to hydrate the tissues and help flush the lymphatic system of toxins released during your chiropractic care. Not drinking adequate fluids after your adjustments may lead to headaches, stiffness, and lethargy. Subsequent ice treatments to manipulated joints can help decrease inflammation, swelling, and any pain naturally. Ice can be used often in short sessions of 10-20 minutes, multiple times a day as needed, and is a prophylactic approach to enhancing your chiropractic care between adjustments. Heat treatments are effective for chronic structural conditions in non-acute states to increase blood flow, bringing nutrients to the tissues and promoting healing.

After leaving the office, it is up to you to supply adequate hydration, nutrients, and movement to your body to help optimize your chiropractic care. If you have any questions or concerns involving anticipated or current symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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