Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr Cress really understood my issues and addressed them all! Great!"

- Sean L.

"I highly recommend Dr Nick Cress He has extensive knowledge and expertise in addressing the causes of body pain and weaknesses. After 2 visits I have noticeable improvement in my neck mobility. The adjustments also give me a better feeling. He listened to all my issues and explained how my treatment is done. September, the office assistant is alway very nice and helpful."

- John R.

"Dr Nick and September are amazing. very helpful and informative and caring. I highly recommend them for anyone who has any body pain!!! He is so knowledgeable."

- Elizabeth R.

"Dr Nick is literally a miracle worker and his staff is wonderful. When I win the lottery I will build he and his family a house next door and hire him as my personal doctor!"

- Karine S.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Nick! I have tried other chiropractic offices and he is the best of the best! He is not a "back and neck cracker". He looks for the underlying issue (root cause) and resolves that, which subsequently resolves where you hurt. He takes a more holistic approach in his practice and he is an amazing and caring Dr. If you are an athlete (or not) and in need of a highly qualified Dr to help with what hurts, I highly recommend Dr Nick Cress and his services. Thank you Dr. Nick for all you do!"

- Gia F.

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